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Guitar #1: Yes! This is my first guitar, and it turned out great! It has a sitka spruce top, flamed movingui back and sides, koa binding, and a granadillo fingerboard and bridge. Gotoh tuners round out the package, and this one sings whether you're a fingerpicker or a flatpicker! 2200.00 plus any necessary shipping. 

Guitar #2: For this one, I went with an adirondack spruce top, chechen back and sides, bocote bridge and headplate, with an ebony fretboard. This one has a deep, warm voice, but will speak up nicely in an ensemble with other guitars, bass, and a banjo (I got to hear it for myself while testing this out once!). 2600.00 plus any necessary shipping. 

Guitar #3: Higuerilla back and sides, Italian spruce, maple binding, and ziricote bridge, fretboard and headplate with center strip made of ambrosia maple that I picked up years ago due to its sheer beauty. I also had a lot of fun making the radial rosette with specially-selected segments from my stock of ambrosia maple. 2600.00 plus any necessary shipping. More about this one as seen here:

Guitar #5: My thanks to John, who purchased this one, and continues to tell me how much he is enjoying it!  

You can see more about this one here:

I certainly have plans to build with this one's bracing pattern and design here in the near future, as it is a close relative of the goals I set and achieved for #6, below.

Stay tuned . . . .

Guitar #6: This one is superbly balanced, with a voice capable of great detail and sophistication, whether you like to fingerpick or flatpick. I spent a lot of time thinking through and developing its bracing structure, and see it as a variation of what I accomplished with guitar #5. 3800.00 plus any necessary shipping. You can see more here:

Guitar #7: Old cedar top, flamed cherry back and sides, rosewood bridge and binding. Bold, loud, and articulate! This one is traditionally braced in the old Spanish style, although it doesn't look traditional. Schertler individual tuning machines, and it comes with an "Original Case Company" hardshell case. 3800.00 plus any necessary shipping.

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