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Watchful Guitars & Stringworks

Handmade acoustic guitars + repairs by Greg Robinson


Thoughts, Approach, and Philosophy


I have come to think of the acoustic guitar as a whole—a gestalt, if you will—wherein the outcome or whole of the build is greater than simply the sum of its parts.


I have spent and continue to spend lots of time thinking about these parts, because each one has much potential, and hence must be deeply considered and optimized for the whole to have any chance of becoming something special. 


Drawing upon the very common starting point of the C. F. Martin & Co. tradition of materials, structure, and sound, I have covered lots of ground in the direction that I want to go in with my guitars. Clarity, focus, harmonic overtone series, lushness, depth, projection, body and neck frequencies, stiffness, looseness, playability, feel, personality and visual appeal are hitting the high points of where I spend lots of time using my hands, my mind, and my heart for reaching what I want. And what I really want is more—more of everything that we are all looking for as guitarists wanting to handle and play a truly great guitar and make music meant to be enjoyed and shared with others. 

I am also thoroughly dedicated to creating unique and enduring instruments that go beyond the category of products into the realm of truly handmade items. 


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